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Virtual Aerospace

The Simulators



Virtual Aerospace Japan operates a professional B737NG fixed base flight simulator at our facility in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It is used to train professional pilots as well as cater for the enthusiast and experience market. The unit uses the very latest simulator and computer technology, ensuring every system and control works just as in the real aircraft, making the flying experience accurate to the real world.


All hydraulics, electrical, APU, bleed air, oxygen / pressurization systems work as in the real aircraft. Essentially the aircraft system logic is fully operational allowing a complete cold and dark start up to be performed or non-normal procedures practiced. This provides an ideal training environment for post- and pre-ATPL students to practice cockpit procedures, as well as offering enhanced realism for the enthusiast.


The Flight Management Computer and autopilot logic allows pilots to fly programmed routes using LNAV & VNAV right from initial SID to STAR and then execute auto approaches down to the threshold. This allows complete airline operations to be simulated faithfully as well as allowing instrument flight rules (IFR) procedures, including non precision approaches, holds etc to be carried out.

The nav, com, ADF and transponder radios are all simulated.

The throttle quadrant is fully motorised with moving trim wheels, spoiler deployment and moving throttles levers.

Everything has been taken into consideration from the wrap around visuals you see out of the window, to how the throttles and yokes feel both on the ground and airborne. The control forces you feel are closely recreated and the surround sound system actually allows you to “feel” the aircraft in each phase of flight. One of our simulator uses real Boeing flight controls to ensure exact feel.

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