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Virtual Aerospace

How to Book


Reservation Process

1. Book on online store in case for gifts or presents for someone. Please go our home and choose your flight course and put it in shopping cart and process payment. And your purchase is valid for 12 months during this 12 months anytime call us for booking. From 10am in the morning to 10pm.
2. After you book online, we will send you boarding pass and necessary information. It will be arrive in one week time.
3. When you receive your boarding pass, please call us for your flight reservation.
4. After you arrive, our chief pilot will have short interview with you for your personal information.
5. You are ready for flight experience in our Boeing 737-800 flight simulators.
6. In case if our website is not convenient, please just call us for reservation and you can pay by cash or credit cards.
7. After you complete your booking on our website, the cancellation is not acceptable.


How to use our facility

Plane_747For your enjoying our facility, we question a few requirements for the following.

  • People we cannot accept:
    People who are drunk, has disease such as heart disorder, epilepsy, pregnant, and out of shape.
  • You are asked to come 10 or 15 minutes earlier.If you are late, you time will be shortened or you might not participate in.
  • We have limited space in our cockpit. We only accept passengers who do not have any problem in seating in economy seats.
  • You will get the feeling like flying in real flight. If you have motion sickness, please let us know in advance. Please tell your instructor immediately if you feel sick during your flight.

About the day

Children under the age of 16 can use our facility accompanied by their parents until 6pm.
※We use same seats as Boeing aircraft. Passengers who are shorter than 146cm might have difficulty outside view from the cockpit.

What you have to carry
①Your boarding pass ② Your ID card with your own photographs (drivers license or passport)

Comfortable clothes. Sandals, high-heels are not acceptable. You can wear our pilot shirts and bring your own uniforms.

We have two seats in our cockpit. We can accommodate two passengers without extra charge. We have full business class cabin for 8 business class seats for passengers. Your family or your friends can enjoy in our business class cabin no extra charge.

You can take photos and videos for private usage. Please enjoy making your amazing flight memory.

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