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Our flight simulators are like time machines and 1 hour feels like 5 minutes! That’s why our 90 minute session is our best seller, it will not only allow you to get a real feel for the flight simulator but will leave you enough time to try something a little more challenging! Perhaps the famous Kai Tak approach or how about a stormy landing at Madeira – you can choose from hundreds of scenarios or challenges!

Every experience is tailored to your experience level whether you are a complete novice having only flown as a passenger or a fully trained airline pilot we have something for you.

Required time : 20 mins briefing (free) + 90 mins flight


Product Description

Whether you are a 30,000 hour commercial pilot or have never even been in a cockpit before, Virtual Aerospace’s flight simulator experience will be a day to remember – that we promise!

All of our instructors are experienced commercial pilots having flown thousands of hours and will tailor your session to your experience level.  So whether you want  to practice take offs and landings,  fly into some of the world’s most challenging airports or complete real time gate to gate line flights, if the time is available we will make it happen for you.

Once on the flight deck you will be in a 1:1 scale cockpit where every button and dial work like the real aircraft – this is not a toy but is being used daily for real world commercial pilot training.These are real simulators and will provide an amazing insight into the world of the big jet pilot.


  • Upon arrival you will be met by one of our operations staff and shown to the waiting area where refreshments are available.
  • At your designated flight time you will meet your instructor and help them plan your flight simulator experience including choosing weather, time of day and location (We have the whole world to choose from).
  • This is where the fun really starts, it’s off to the simulator where you will find the engines running and the aircraft ready to go
  • Seat belt signs on, flaps down and throttles forwards – 30 minutes of flying later and you will still be left wanting more!
  • Full cabin mock-up – wait for your experience in our Business Class seats while watching aircraft videos.


  • Gate to Gate  Ever wondered how to start a jet? Or want to taxi to the runway? For just ¥3,000 extra you can add 15 minutes to your session and really get that airline experience. Read More

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